2K secondary measurement industrial Microscope Camera


Introducing our latest product! Equipped with a built-in V3.0 measuring system, this device now offers an auto-edit interface and form import functions such as DXF Template Import, Archive Management, and Measure Data Export, making operations faster, more intelligent, and more powerful.
Running on an advanced CPU-ARMCORTEXA7 Dual Core @ MAX1.3GHZ processor ensures smooth and stable operation.
With its built-in playback function for recording and photography, as well as an automatic searching function for the edge, this device offers superior performance.
Additionally, it supports storage by a hard disk and can be connected with a mouse, providing more flexibility and convenience for all of your measuring needs. Don’t hesitate to upgrade your measuring game with our latest product!

Features | FUCOT 2K Microscope Digital Camera
Built-in brand new measurement system version 3.0, the new system further improves image clarity
Added new functions including a customizable interface editor, template editor, DXF Template Importing, File Management, Measurement Data Export, etc.
Adopts SONY high sensitivity and low noise SENSOR, with strong performance and smooth preview
Adopts ARM CortexA7 dual-core @ MAX1.3GHZ processor for smooth and stable operation
Built-in playback function for recording and photography
Built-in automatic edge search function to improve measurement effect
It supports the U disk storage function and can be connected to a mouse.

Yderligere information

Product type

Secondary Industrial Camera

Group brand

Repair Tools


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